calendar_today September 18, 2020
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Amazon is one of the most popular online marketplaces where businesses or individuals can sell their products internationally. If you are selling online, it may be a good option to start selling on Amazon and open your doors to more markets. The images you put up of your product represents your business and its brand image. Statistics have shown that listings with good product images generate more sales. Here are some tips on how you can make use of your product images to sell better on Amazon.


Sequence of Product Images

Amazon gives merchants the freedom to dictate the sequence of their images. If you haven’t realized, the photo requirements for the first image and the subsequent images are different. Keeping that in mind, ensure that your product images are up to the right specifications. For example, the main image has to be in white background without additional text or graphics, whereas the subsequent images are allowed to do the opposite.


Make use of the image sequence to provide your audience with a better visual of the product. Side view images are often neglected, and this means that crucial information is being taken away from your potential customers.


Product-In-Action Images

When shopping in a physical store, there is better product visualization. To fill this void when selling online, it is recommended to include images of the product in action to demonstrate the product functions. This will help to portray your product directly to your potential customers and provide them with better visualization of how the product works.


Outsourcing the entire process

Getting your images to the right specifications and still look professional may be daunting for some especially when you have a whole range of items waiting to be listed. Taking photos is just one part of the whole fiasco, so let’s not forget about the editing. If you decide to take the images at home, as a first-timer, it is expected that a lot of editing is needed to get the lighting right and make your images look professional. The list of potential issues goes on. The easiest and fastest way to get your hands on professionally photographed images is to get professional help. It saves a lot of trouble and the price really does pay off well.