calendar_today October 29, 2020
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Did you know that 80% of marketers use visual assets in their social media marketing? Using themes to style your product images can give your feed a little more variety than your usual brand colours or styles, and also make it easier to pick out props that complement your product as well. Here are some theme ideas for your product styling!

1. Colour Themed

Using the same colours for the background, props and the product itself can produce a different kind of aesthetic that most brands have yet to try! However, try to not let the other aspects outshine the actual product that you are promoting.



2. Holiday Themed

Everyone loves holidays! Why not produce content that are inspired by holiday seasons that bring joy to people? Once you decide on a specific holiday theme, it is so much easier to style your shoot and choose suitable props! Here are some shoots that we did in the past!


3. Animation GIFs

A GIF is basically animated by combining several images or frames into a single image file. GIFs provide great visual content and are more eye-catching than static images. GIFs also usually get more engagement on social media platforms as they are more interactive. There are many different ways to utilize the GIF format to showcase your product, and here are some examples from SnappyFly!



Although there are many theme ideas to spur your creativity, we do know that it is both time and cost consuming to prepare different props for different themes. This is where SnappyFly can help you! We are specialized in doing themed shots for styled photography, and we have all sorts of props ready to shoot any time of the year. If you are interested, do check out our packages here!