Our Story

Est. 2017

Where it all begins...

It began with a question.

"Do you do product photography as well?"

Knees deep, hands dirty in the soil of graphic design and web hosting then, we thought, "Why not?" One problem. We aren't trained photographers (then).

Scouring high and low, going for demos after demos, we found the solution that works for us.

Quick turnaround rate, professional-looking visuals, the perfect recipe for E-Commerce photography.

And thus, SnappyFly was birthed. But we did not stop there.

Collaborating with our trusted, long-service (yes, we think he deserves an award too!) coder, we pooled our combined knowledge and developed an interface unique to us.

We get it. It can be a little wonky at times. Not perfect. It works and improves along the way, a little at a time. Very much like us.

Meet flyt. Our self-made platform, Made for you.

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