calendar_today June 1, 2018
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“Does blogging make sense?”

A common notion shared among many business owners, blogging is often seen as troublesome to start up as well as to maintain.

However, for small businesses with small reach and limited marketing budget, blogging is one of the most useful and virtually free marketing tools out there. Not only does it allow small businesses to engage with the audience intimately, small businesses also get to transform them into potential clients through highly customized content. Statistics have also proven this: 80% of people prefers learning about a company through custom content.

So if you want to start driving traffic to your website, it’s time to connect with customers and build an online presence through creating highly authentic and most importantly, personalized content.

It gives a unique voice

Did we mention that blogging is essentially the businesses talking, but in online format? By launching a blog, small businesses are able to discuss about practices with regards to their industry with much more depth, insights and personalisation. This gives them a competitive edge over big multinational companies as readers will remember for who you are.

Essentially, blogging helps to retain readers’ attention and entice them to seek out further information about the brand.

It creates a space to share expertise freely

If you’re knowledgeable in the field, running a blog would do you good in the long run. By consistently producing authentic and unique content, it helps in establishing authority in the eyes of the readers. The goal is to become the go-to site for any type of content in the niche and gain a sustainable flow of interest and traffic to the blog.

Moreover, it would be the best if content on your blog could actually serve to be helpful to your readers.

It creates a direct communication link with customers

Blogs are great places for customers to have a conversation with the businesses they’re keen to work with, or are already working with. Once you start blogging about topics that customers are interested in, engagement through likes, shares or comments can be increased, hence making your blog more relevant.

Furthermore, since customers are commenting and interacting with each other, valuable feedback can be sieved out and put into good use. This would come in handy when it comes to improving brand services and loyalty.

It helps to ace that SEO game

Search engines are very smart. Right after the blog is started, the search engine bots input the blog’s written content into the algorithms. Your blog receive higher visits if you are well-liked, shared or commented about. Keywords and queries are critical in helping your website to become more crawlable. Make sure to find out specific words and phrases your customers are looking for and include them in your blog articles.

Therefore, it is important to produce original and relevant content. If your blog is more or less similar to the majority, it will be difficult for it to be bumped up in search engines and become top-searched. However, if you are able to build a distinctively different and attention-grabbing content online, your

It can increase direct sales

At the end of the day, blogging is a social experience that gives you the opportunities to market your products and services to customers and build your credibility as a provider. Blogs have been around way before Instagram and Facebook entered the scene. What makes blogs different is that they are more searchable, have longer shelf lives and most importantly, have a greater impact on readers.

Of course this doesn’t mean that Instagram or Facebook are not useful – they can be equally powerful social media marketing tools. But what is crucial is that blogs are much more superior in explaining content in detail and have greater abilities to influence customers’ decisions.

In fact, blogs have increasingly replaced company websites as preferred sites of information. The same reason why we are following bloggers, company blogs need to provide interesting and entertaining content that can bring valuable insights to readers.