calendar_today July 26, 2018
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Seeing is believing. When it comes to shopping through our small screens, nothing frustrates us more than grainy or blurry images when we zoomed them in. Shoppers can’t touch or see your products in real life, so they can only rely on high quality product images. Bad product images can break your mobile E-commerce business easily.

Compelling images average 94% more than those without. When dealing with customers who are bombarded with tens or hundreds of images on a daily basis, strong and compelling images are essential to capture their attention within seconds. High quality product images is the way to build trust with your customers. Without any clear content, your online business will not be able to influence the purchasing decisions of customers. Just remember – many of us are visual learners, we link images to content and attain a sense of afiinity through it.

Consumer trust is also another important factor, especially when there are tons of competition out there. According to Nielson, we trust the word-of-mouth from our friends or a like-minded community more, because its assuring. Product images need to be able to strike relevancy and familiarity among mobile users so that they would take action. As more and more businesses jump abroad mobile E-commerce, user-generated content (UGC) will influence conversion rates and purchase intent along the way.

How product images affect social engagement

The biggest websites today create their own content and are unsurprisingly geared towards major social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and more. With more than 20% of Internet users on Instagram, monetising on social media and trying to create a new community buzz online are your next word-of-mouth marketing strategy.

However, it is important to know how your content is going to engage with your users. With an increasingly discerning wave of online users, you must provide content that value-adds your targeted audience. Your product images need to be powerful enough to captivate and interact with your audience. As we now access the internet more than ever before from a mobile device, we often browse products that are than made for purchase on another device later. To ensure that your audience comes back to your site to make the final purchasing decision, your mobile E-commerce business must offer the most transparent and authentic product images.

How product images affect your search

Images are everything when it’s online. When searching, more than 60% of consumers are more likely to consider or contact a business that has an image that shows up in a search result. Product images grab the attention of consumers and convince them of your brand’s reputation and credibility.

To get the most out of your image search, choose a high quality image of your business or your product/service instead of your business logo. White background product images is often the gold standard for E-commerce because they are clean, true to colour and consistent. Apart from clarity, showing various angles of your product images significantly boost the confidence of your customers in your products/services as well.

Remember the bottom line is to get the most out of your product images!

How product images affect your mobile e-commerce business

There is no questioning that the quality of your product images affect your mobile e-commerce business. The more multimedia you include in your release, the more views you are bound to get. High quality images and relevant content is the key to boosting your sales. According to a survey by US National Retail Federation, high quality images and product-specific information are the two most important factors when it comes to selecting and purchasing of products.

Keep in mind that an online buyer is frequently one who does not have anything in mind to buy at all. Your product image will be responsible for creating an impression enticing enough for them to tap and enter your eStore. Especially when online shopping habits are so different from offline shopping, your product images need to create an image which appeals to their eyes where they click for further insight.

Always make sure to upload at least 3 different alternate views of your products, making sure that customers would go through a few of them.